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Regardless of your size or slope, the whole package is available. We can provide all the products you need for your storage building or your gazebo. Let us take care of it all.

Site Preparation for Buildings & Gazebos

A level site is most important! “Flat” (without bumps) does not necessarily mean level. Kloter Farms offers site preparation including frost protected foundations as an additional service; please call for pricing.

Site Work by Kloter Farms

Size and price are based on building size, pad will be 1 foot larger on all sides (10′ x 16′ building requires 12′ x 18′ stone pad). Prices include 3/4″ crushed stone to accommodate ground up to 6″ out of level. Prices for site work also include mileage within a 10-mile radius, beyond that, $5 per mile, one way. This service is completely separate from that of delivery and delivery charges. Your needs are never a problem. Even a difficult site will be expertly prepared and if any additional charges need occur, they will be submitted to your approval first. Prices apply to sites that are clear of protruding large stumps and rocks.

Pricing for Crushed Stone Pad

(Prices include the above listed parameters)

Or…prepare/level your own site as follows:

  1. Place a stake in the ground (high side) with a long string (at least the length of your building/gazebo) attached to it.
  2. Have a helper hold the other end of the string.
  3. Hang a line level (available at any hardware store for under $3) in the center of the string.
  4. Raise or lower the string until the bubble in the level appears between the lines.
  5. Keeping the string taut and steady, measure the height from the string to the ground (low side).
  6. This is the amount of inches/feet your site is out of level.
  7. Using ¾” Crushed Stone for buildings and gazebos, approximately 4″ deep, level the site 1’ larger all the way around. Example: 10’x 12’ Building requires 12’x 14’ Site.

We can not stress enough, the importance of your stone pad being level.

Note: Minimal leveling of small buildings (8’x 12’ or smaller) may be accomplished using cement patio blocks; 10-15 patio blocks should be provided by the customer. Minimal leveling (6″ or less) of swing sets may be accomplished by partial burying of 1 end and securing the other end on a 4″x 6″ pressure treated beam – provided by the customer.

Watch how Kloter Farms professionals prepare a stone pad before installation of the building

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