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Smith Brothers – Furniture Frame Construction Makes the Difference

We all love how a sofa, loveseat, or a chair looks when it’s a beautiful finished product in our living room. But how do we know that we’ve spent our money wisely? While some furniture looks good, it may not deliver in other critical areas, including comfort and durability. This is why it’s so important to know what goes into the making of a piece of upholstered furniture. It’s also what makes Smith Brothers an industry standout.

Smith Bros. Frame Construction

Smith Bros. frames are built from the finest kiln-dried maple hardwoods that are locally harvested from sustainable sources.

Furniture Frame Construction Makes the Difference

A piece of furniture’s appearance is important. After all, beautiful furniture can vastly enrich the ambiance of your home. However, visually appealing furniture is not necessarily well-made. Factors like frame construction, suspension, and upholstery differences impact not only how comfortable a chair, sofa, or loveseat will be, but also how long it will last. Unfortunately, the construction quality of a piece of furniture is not always immediately apparent to the naked eye. This is why it’s so important to know how a piece of furniture was made before you decide to buy it.

Smith Bros. Sofa 249

Smith Bros. Conversation Sofa & Tufted Accent Chair

You won’t find a furniture maker that’s more dedicated to quality than Smith Brothers Upholstery, which has been putting its heart and soul into creating some of the best upholstered products available to consumers for generations. Frame construction is at the center of everything Smith Brothers does – literally and figuratively. After all, furniture is made by joining different pieces of wood together to create a frame. Without the proper techniques, the final product will almost certainly fail to meet your expectations in terms of comfort and durability.

This is where Smith Brothers Upholstery truly shines, and we’re delighted to showcase that at Kloter Farms. Understanding Smith Brothers’ upholstered furniture frame construction process offers a revealing glimpse into the care, attention, and expertise involved in crafting every piece of furniture made by this esteemed American company in the time-honored Swiss-Amish tradition. Since we here at Kloter Farms believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best value for their money, we wholeheartedly embrace this culture of craftsmanship.

Smith Bros. Sectional 253

Quality Smith Bros. Leather Sectional & Fabric Ottoman

There are a number of characteristics that make the frame construction of Smith Brothers sectionals and other fine furniture unique to the industry, including the following:

  1. Reinforced Joints
  2. Built-In Legs
  3. Strong Base Rails
  4. Solid Hardwood Maple Construction
  5. All In-House Assembly
  6. Exclusive Triangle Brackets
  7. Increased Arm Support
  8. Lifetime Warranty

Here is an in-depth look at each of these fine attributes:

  1. Reinforced Joints – Furniture is subject to significant wear and tear. To ensure that its furniture will hold up to the demands of daily living, all Smith Brothers high-stress joints are double-doweled, glued, screwed, and reinforced with solid maple blocks. The result? Uniquely durable furniture designed to withstand the test of time.
  2. Built-In Legs – The legs of every piece of Smith Brothers furniture are built directly into the frames and not attached separately as a final step. This is a mark of quality and another demonstration of exceptional craftsmanship.
  3. Strong Base Rails – Load-bearing front and back rails are critical to furniture durability. All Smith Brothers base rails are made of 1.25-inch solid maple lumber. Not only does this result in superior strength, but it also eliminates warping in the frame.

Built-In Legs

Frame Construction

Smith Brothers frames are warranted against warping and breaking.

  1. Hardwood Maple Construction – All Smith Brothers frames are built from the finest kiln-dried maple hardwoods. The kiln drying process has many benefits, including increased strength and fewer defects.
  2. In-House Assembly – Smith Brothers utilizes lumber cut by experienced craftsmen at their plant in Berne, IN. These same hard-working people also assemble the frames. Unlike many other manufacturers, Smith Brothers doesn’t outsource labor. Every hand that touches Smith Brothers furniture during the manufacturing process is part of the in-house Smith Brothers team.
  3. Triangle Brackets – Smith Brothers uses heavy duty triangle brackets in the joint corners in high-stress areas of their press-back recliners. This adds yet another measure of support.

Arm Supports

Spring Supports

Triangle Brackets

  1. Exclusive Arm Supports – Smith Brothers designed its own exclusive arm support, which is implemented in all of its reclining furniture frame construction. This unique design significantly reduces arm wobbling, which is common in other manufacturer’s reclining furniture.
  2. Lifetime Warranty – Smith Brothers offers a lifetime warranty on its frame construction, guaranteeing it against warping or breakage. In addition to getting a beautiful and exquisitely made piece of furniture when you choose Smith Brothers, you also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s under warranty in the rare case that an issue does occur. Click here for complete warranty information.

The Smith Brothers Difference

These are just a few of the many things that make Smith Brothers upholstery unique within the furniture industry. It’s our hope that this article demonstrates the degree to which Smith Brothers is unwilling to compromise on quality and integrity in making its fine upholstered furniture, including upholstered sofasupholstered reclinersleather ottomans, and more.

Smith Bros. Sectional

Hard work and integrity are hallmarks of the Smith Brothers name. Because we value and share this ethos at Kloter Farms, we could not be prouder or more excited to partner with Smith Brothers in offering the finest custom upholstered furniture available today.

Click here for directions to our showroom to see our extensive collection of Smith Brothers furniture.

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