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Let’s shine some light on the laundry room. Often seen as a less important room of the home, your laundry room serves an important function and deserves to be treated as such. Stackable laundry units and cabinetry maximize the space of smaller laundry rooms. If you’re looking to improve the storage and function of your laundry room, you’ve come to the right place.

There are so many different design ideas and options you can choose for your laundry room. Let’s take a look at four of our favorite stackable laundry cabinet ideas

  1. Modern Farmhouse Style Laundry Room             
  2. Dark Laundry Cabinets 
  3. Floating Shelves
  4. Sink Space

1. Modern Farmhouse Style Laundry Room   

Nice laundry room white washer and dryer stack on each other in condo hallway.

Channel your inner farmhouse chic with beige and grey toned cabinetry, or a natural wood finish. Characteristics of this style, the neutral wood tones will transport you to a quaint countryside. Stacked laundry machines can be hidden within matching cabinetry, or out and open on display. Pair your laundry units with matching countertops for your cabinetry leaving you with a cohesive space. 

2. Dark Laundry Cabinets 

Another great idea for your stacked laundry cabinets is to choose a dark, deep colored tone. This will enhance the look of any natural lighting that you have in the space. That color contrast will create a nice focal point to show off your beautifully stacked laundry cabinet and machines. This makes even a small space look big!

Black is one option to achieve this goal, but if you don’t want to be so extreme with the color, deep blues, burgundy, greens, browns, and greys also accomplish this goal. Pops of color with a potted plant or modern artwork will balance the space. 

3. Floating Shelves

A great modern trend we are loving for your laundry room is floating shelves. Mixed in with your stackable laundry cabinets, floating shelves provide a great space to display decorative bins containing your laundry day supplies. These shelves are super handy to store items that are frequently used and are best in sight and in mind.

Adding brushed bronze or gold hardware on your laundry room cabinetry with floating shelves will add a modern touch to the entire space. A perfect idea for making the most of a small space!

4. Sink Space

The greatest functional tip we can suggest for your laundry room would be to include a space for a sink. Having a sink in with your laundry cabinets can be extremely useful. Sink space is perfect for those items that need a little extra TLC to work out grass stands, food spills, and soaked in dirt. We assure you that the laundry sink will not go to waste! 

You can still make this small functional space fun with bright pops of color on your cabinetry or your walls. Stacked laundry units will allow for you to maintain the most counter space for folding while keeping things neat and organized. 

Custom Stacked Laundry Cabinets

Laundry rooms can be difficult to visualize since their primary function has been determined, and there are lots of large obstacles that must be in place. At Kloter Farms, we love challenges like this. We are all about custom, and are excited to work with you on your small, medium, or large laundry space. We can create custom cabinetry to work around your stacked laundry units and maximize space in a small room. Visit our cabinetry showroom in Ellington, CT for more ideas, inspiration, and tips on creating a usable laundry space. 

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