Come to Kloter Farms! 16-Acre Display Park & 3 Furniture Showrooms

  1. Joists: pressure treated floor joists – 16″ on center, 12″ on center for 12′ & 14′ wide.
  2. Foundation Beams: pressure treated 4×4 foundation beams – 3 on 8′, 5 on 10′ & 12′, and 7 on 14′ wide.
  3. Sill Plates: full 2×4 sill plates on all four sides.
  4. Walls: full 2×4 kiln dried stud walls – 16″ on center.
  5. Roof Pitch: steeper roof pitches provide more space for overhead loft storage.
  6. End Vents: end vents on both sides provide proper ventilation.
  7. Rafters: 16″ on center double plywood gusseted roof rafters for unmatched strength.
  8. Sheathing: ½” CDX plywood roof sheathing – no particle board.
  9. Shingles: architectural asphalt shingles.
  10. Overhangs: overhangs on all four sides eliminates sidewall streaking from water runoff.
  11. Drip Edge: aluminum drip edge under shingles on all four sides assists water runoff.
  12. Trim: solid vinyl PermaTrim® or Miratec® Trim.
  13. Paint: latex/acrylic exterior paint in your choice of 15 colors.
  14. Windows: windows with screens and shutters, or choose optional windows. Custom placement at no additional charge.
  15. Siding: maintenance-free Duratemp® T-1-11 fir siding or choose optional vinyl siding over ½” plywood.
  16. Door Frames: jacks and headers in all door framing.
  17. Floor: weather and rot-resistant pressure treated ¾” plywood floor.
  18. Doors: reinforced double doors painted on both sides, complete with trim and sturdy hardware.
  19. Soffits: finished soffits for beauty and weather tightness.
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