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Construction – Wood Swing Sets

Pressure Treated Swingsets – Houses

All houses are constructed using solid 4″ x 4″ upright posts.  The overall dimensions are indicated on each individual model.  Each house comes with a slide and access ladder. Our access ladders feature flat-style rungs (rather than round), that seem to be easier for little feet to master.

We offer houses that are completely enclosed with solid walls, as well as partially enclosed with slat-style walls. Houses with slat-style walls allow full air circulation and include vinyl tarp roofs.

Tarps for PT Sets

Our tarps are available in solid green or blue. All are made from heavy duty vinyl, featuring grommet-reinforced screw holes for a secure attachment. This material is strong and mildew-resistant, and it is advised to take them down if strong wind is forecasted.

Construction – Vinyl Swing Sets

Safety combined with maintenance-free materials is our goal in construction. For strength and rigidity, environmentally-friendly, pressure treated wood is machined and encased with a thick vinyl sleeve. This way you have the strength of wood combined with the maintenance free advantages of vinyl. You don’t see or touch any wood; it’s all encased in maintenance-free vinyl.

Towers for Vinyl Sets

Our vinyl decking on towers will remain smooth to the touch. The innovative, slip-resistant surface is non-splintering and is safe and comfortable to walk on.

Tarps for Vinyl Sets

Our tarps are available in solid green or blue. All are made from heavy duty vinyl, featuring grommet-reinforced screw holes for a secure attachment. This material is strong and mildew-resistant, and it is advised to take them down if strong wind is forecasted.


On a regular basis, check for bee and hornet nests. They can be found in many areas, including toys that are not played with frequently. Be sure to check inside roof peaks, and under the floor (directly above the sandbox). Remember to re-check the area after a day or so, since bees can re-build their nests quickly.

A few times a season, it is good to check all nuts and bolts on your swing set. With a socket and wrench, tighten down any hardware on moving parts, as well as anything that may have loosened with normal play. 

Pressure Treated Swing Sets

Your playscape is made of pressure treated southern yellow pine. This wood will weather to a silvery gray, and you can expect to see checking. Checking refers to the hairline cracks along the woodgrain that occur naturally with temperature changes. Normal checking and weathering will not compromise the strength of this material. If you do not care for the appearance of the silvery gray, we recommend that you seal the wood (preferably when new) with an exterior stain or sealer. The product we have had best luck with is CWF – Clear Wood Finish, manufactured by Flood.  Since the wood is twice kiln-dried, it is okay to apply the sealant immediately.

Vinyl Swing Sets

Your vinyl swing set really is maintenance free! Just like your vinyl-sided house, road dirt and mildew can collect. Spray washing will eliminate this and is considered normal maintenance.

Site Preparation

What do I need to put down to prepare the area?

Please note:  it is not a requirement to go to great expense to prepare an area. However, it is MOST important that you select a firm, level area to set up the playscape. It is perfectly acceptable to install the playscape on the grass, as long as it is relatively level.  You may choose to do something once the grass wears out under the swings, at the bottom of the slide, etc.

If you are interested in preparing the area prior to your playscape delivery, we recommend that you do so using a bed of pea stone at least six inches deep. In comparison to sand, the pea stone dries quickly after a rain storm, and it doesn’t stick to skin and clothing. Pea stone is also good year after year, and doesn’t need to be replenished like mulch.

Delivery Requirements

How will my swingset be delivered?

Kloter Farms will personally and professionally deliver and set-up your playscape.  We must have access into your site with our truck and trailer. All houses are assembled prior to delivery, and are delivered in one piece. If your site is not accessible, please call us to discuss on-site assembly (for an additional charge).

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