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It’s no secret I’m particular. So if I were picking out my shed, I’d enjoy the part of choosing all the little details – the colors for siding, shingles and trim, the door style, transom windows, window type, inside partitions, and the list goes on.

The one thing I wouldn’t contemplate at all is having my site preparation done for me because having a level site is MOST important. And a “flat” site (without bumps) does not necessarily mean flat. In my mind, I wouldn’t consider building my own shed, so I wouldn’t even consider thinking I could prepare my site with the skill and perfection these experts have.

This is why it’s important for anyone undertaking a building, renovation, addition, or another construction project to think about what goes into the “site preparation” process. This phase happens before any major construction begins on-site and is exactly what it sounds like: the act of preparing the location for the building to come.

Here is a 12×22 stone foundation.

While the specifics of site preparation vary from project to project, there are some common steps. First, the land is cleared of all trees, protruding rocks or stumps, and other debris. Next, the ground is leveled. Finally, all unnecessary materials are moved from the site while necessary supplies are trucked in. This is also an opportunity for the construction experts to identify and resolve potential complications upfront. Several types of professional equipment may be utilized to accomplish these tasks, including excavators, skid steers, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, and dump trucks. Whatever the landscaping challenges, weather, or other unique circumstances, the right equipment is essential to site preparation – and site preparation is critical in laying the groundwork (literally) for the best results for your construction project. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have this equipment on hand. Nor do they have the general expertise necessary for adequate shed site prep.

  • Even support – the stone pad will evenly support the 4x4s, not just certain points.
  • Excellent drainage – when the rain pours it will keep the water away from the base of the shed.
  • Cleanliness – it helps keep the weeds out

How Site Preparation Works

  •  ¾” stone is provided to accommodate ground up to 6″ out of level.
  • Size and price are based on building size, pad will be 1 foot larger on all sides.
  • Your needs are never a problem. Even a difficult site will be expertly prepared and if any additional charges need occur, they will be submitted for your approval first.
  • Extra fill, grass and debris will not be hauled away.
  • Prices apply to sites clear of protruding stumps and rocks.
  • Kloter Farms is not responsible for rock, ledge, stumps, roots or anything under ground, including pipes and wires.
Staking out the site for the new building

Staking out the site for the new building

Leveling the site

Leveling the site

3/4" Crushed Stone is installed and leveled

3/4″ crushed stone is installed and leveled

Site Preparation is complete and ready for the building

Site preparation is complete and ready for the building

Completed project!

Completed project!

Lay the Groundwork for Construction Success with Shed Site Prep

Comprehensive site preparation has immediate and long-term benefits for any building project. In addition to removing obstructions, making excavation easier, promoting accessibility, reducing the risk of damage and danger, and shaping the land to provide the most advantageous foundation for building, it also optimizes durability and quality outcomes.

In addition to home builds, site preparation is important for all construction projects. From storage buildings like garages and gazebos to barns and sheds, the best final result for any building project relies on adequate preparation. This also applies to site prep for building delivery.

Take garages, for example. At Kloter Farms, we know that a custom garage – whether it be a one-car garage or three-car garage – can transform how you live in your home. While every prefab garage, barn garage, and garage for sale we design and manufacture is held to the highest standards of craftsmanship, this doesn’t just happen in the woodshop. When it comes to ensuring that your structure will stand the test of time, site preparation is an equally vital imperative.

A 12×24 Dutch Garage being placed onto a stone pad.

For more information and pricing click here > or call 860-375-1021 and talk with one of our sales staff.

If you’re like me and love ease and excellence, it’s not even a question… site preparation is extremely important, so let our experts do the work! Bottom line, at the end of the day, I just want you to be another one of our happy customers!

“It was amazing to watch the foundation folks work. They are precise, accurate and fast!”  -Terry & Gale, Oakdale CT

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