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Barns have transformational potential when added to your property. While you have many different barn options to choose from, Kloter Farms has earned a reputation in the industry for designing and manufacturing truly extraordinary outdoor structures that deliver a remarkable combination of form and function.

If you’re thinking of investing in a prefab barn, read on to learn more about why Kloter Farms is the preferred choice of discerning homeowners.

20x30 T-1-11 Dutch Style Barn

20×30 Dutch Elite Barn

High-Quality Wooden Barns and More

When indoor square footage is at a premium, many homeowners find themselves challenged to find space for everything from storage to additional room for living. Enter high-quality custom barns from Kloter Farms. Whether you’re seeking increased storage space for outdoor furniture and gardening supplies or you’re looking to add a workshop, guest room, pool house, horse barn, or “she shed,” a pre-built barn from Kloter Farms will change your home and how you live in it.

Custom Barns for Your Unique Needs

One of the things that makes Kloter Farms such a standout in the outdoor structures market is its commitment to customization. We understand that different homeowners have different needs. Our goal is to ensure that every custom barn and barn garage we produce is made to your precise specifications. From its design aesthetic and color scheme to features and functions, every element of your barn will be personalized to fit your unique wants and needs.

Speaking of features and functions, the options are almost endless when you customize an outdoor structure with Kloter Farms. You can also do so with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your purchase will last. Our barns are meticulously made with durable materials by masterful craftsmen who are just as invested in the final product as you are.

16x22 Elite Cape

16×22 Elite Cape Barn

Boost Curb Appeal with a Kloter Farms Barn

Barns are primarily functional in nature. They have the potential to serve a multitude of uses, all of which can help you live a more organized, comfortable, and clutter-free life. However, just because barns are purposeful doesn’t mean they can’t also be elegant additions to your landscape. 

Your home is an expression of who you are, and your exterior space is just as important as your indoor space when it comes to showcasing your taste. In fact, one could argue that it’s more important because it’s the first thing visitors see when they come to your home.

For this reason, we offer a breadth and depth of design styles aimed at adding something beyond purpose: personality. We want you to be as excited about your barn as we are about making it for you. This is why we offer so many design styles, including both Cape and Dutch-style construction.

20x30 Dutch Barn

20×30 Dutch Elite Barn

Unparalleled Customer Service

When you choose to partner with Kloter Farms for your custom barn, you don’t just get a superior outdoor structure. You also receive the unparalleled customer service we’re known for. We’re eager to work with you through every step of the design and building process. Our goal isn’t merely to sell you a barn. Rather, it’s to help you live more fully in your home through the addition of a Kloter Farms outdoor structure.

There’s a reason why so many of our customers return to us again and again. They know they matter to us and that we will always go above and beyond to make sure their expectations aren’t just met – but exceeded.

12×20 Elite Cape Barn

Trusted Barn Builders in CT

From small barns to multi-car garages, Kloter Farms specializes in creating the most durable outdoor structures available on the market today. While a barn is just a barn to some of our competitors, it represents something very different to us. With homeowners spending more time at home than ever before, extra space – for any purpose – is priceless. Whatever your vision, our friendly and experienced sales team is ready to help you bring it to life.

Our online website is extensive, but we also know that there’s no substitute for seeing and experiencing for yourself. This is why we have two furniture showrooms at our Ellington, CT headquarters and a year-round outdoor display park where you can view our barns, pavilions, pool houses, garages, sheds, and other outdoor structures in person.

Discover the Kloter Farms Difference

Not all barns are created equal. While one-size-fits-all solutions may seem easier and adequate, they fall far short of their potential when it comes to how much they can improve the way you live in your home. Every one of our custom barns is designed to enhance your quality of life for years to come.

Whether you already know exactly what you’re looking for and you’re ready to purchase a custom barn from Kloter Farms, or you’re just beginning to think about making this valuable investment, we’re eager to help.

To learn more about our barns and other outdoor structures, as well as our fine furniture and cabinetry, contact us today.

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Google Rating
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