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Smith Bros. Wedge Sectional

Smith Brothers Wedge Sectional

We spend a lot of time in our homes – shouldn’t they be as comfortable, welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing as possible? Unfortunately, we aren’t all born with an innate gift for interior design. In fact, the gorgeous interiors you see in magazines and on television are usually the handiwork of knowledgeable, skilled, and talented professionals.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t create amazing spaces of your own. You just need an understanding of some core basics. Whether you’re thinking of upgrading one room or your entire home, this design guide for beginners can help you bring your vision to life.

What Is the Best Use of Space When Designing a Room?

Perhaps the most important question that arises when you’re decorating your home is how you’ll live in it. Gone are the days when home interiors felt like museums. Instead, livability is now paramount: Form and function should go together hand in hand. The takeaway? Before you start shopping, stop and think about how you plan to use the rooms in your home.

Norfolk Executive Desk

Norfolk Executive Desk

For example, when creating an executive office suite, you’ll have different considerations than if you’re designing a family or living room. Custom home offices require the right executive desk – such as a desk with a bookshelf or desk with a file cabinet – and other home office furniture sets, which can help you create a space that will support productivity and performance. For family rooms, meanwhile, custom coffee tablescustom entertainment centerscustom tv stands, and sofa tables can all help homeowners design inviting spaces where friends and family members will want to gather.

By keeping these considerations at the forefront, you’ll lay the foundation for spaces that are both beautiful and livable.

Constance Bay Island

Constance Bay Kitchen Island

Common Interior Design Styles

In addition to reflecting on the functionality of your rooms, you should also consider how you want them to look and feel. This can help you decide on a design style that best suits your personal preferences. Not all interior design styles are created equal – sticking with one type as your guide creates cohesion and harmony.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the most common decorating styles:

  • Classic – This elegant design style is rich in detail. A few hallmarks of the classic decorating style are symmetry, delicate furniture, opulent fabrics, and oversized architectural elements.
  • Traditional – The traditional decorating style has stood the test of time for a reason. If your tastes lean toward dignified furniture, trim, and moldings, soft edges, cozy textiles, and a warm color palette, then the traditional style may suit your preferences.
  • Contemporary – Contemporary design is all about clean lines and shapes. Minimal clutter, plenty of open space, and neutral hues are all embraced in this beloved decorating style.
  • Industrial – This rustic yet refined design style is having a major moment. Lots of wood and other natural textures and finishes, raw steel with exposed brick, dark neutrals, and a stripped-down infrastructure are go-to elements found in industrial design.
  • Modern – Like contemporary, the modern decorating style relies heavily on clean lines. Perhaps best known for its iconic furnishings, other aspects of modern interior design include the use of neutral colors, minimal textures, graphic and geometric patterns, and asymmetry.

These are just a sampling of the many types of interior décor. Other popular decorating styles include farmhouse, coastal, French country, transitional, Scandinavian, and Hollywood Regency. Again, while using one as a guide can be helpful, many interior design plans bring together elements of different styles for original and eclectic outcomes.

Mission Trestle table with Midland chairs

Mission Trestle Table with Midland Chairs

Other Interior Decorating Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve covered the symbiotic nature of form and function in interior design, here are some other tips and tricks to keep in mind while decorating your home:

Proportion and Scale Are Important

It’s not just about choosing the right furniture – you also need to pay attention to the size of objects and the ratio between them. Generally speaking, larger, more imposing furnishings look best in larger rooms, while smaller pieces are a better fit for smaller spaces. For example, if you have significant square footage in your kitchen or dining room, a grand custom kitchen is likely to work well. In spaces with less square footage, a custom-made kitchen island can provide room not only for eating but for storage and working, too.

Cohesive Elements, Unified Results

The more the elements work together in a space, the more unified the end result will feel. While everything doesn’t have to match perfectly, there are some simple ways to keep things from clashing. This includes working with a limited color palette in varying shades, using similar shapes and temperatures to create a sense of flow, repeating patterns, and choosing accessories that align with a particular theme.

Findlay Drop Front Desk

Avondale Desk

The Best Rooms Feel Balanced

This doesn’t mean that everything should be symmetrical, although repeating objects along a central axis can be especially pleasing to the eye. Other approaches include asymmetrical balance, in which different items of equal visual weight anchor each other, and radial balance, which arranges objects around a central point before extending either outward or inward.

Include Focal Points

All rooms should have points of interest that draw the eye. Typical focal points include fireplaces, artwork, high ceilings, and large windows.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Beautiful Lighting

While lighting is an afterthought for many homeowners, interior designers know that the right illumination can make or break a space. Not only does lighting enhance a room’s livability, but it also adds warmth.

Smith Bros. Sectional

Smith Brothers Sectional

Beautify Your Spaces with Help from Kloter Farms

One last thing to keep in mind? While home decorating can be intimidating for many homeowners, there’s no right or wrong if you follow these guidelines and stick with what you love. Plus, you don’t have to do it alone. The friendly and helpful team at Kloter Farms is here to help you with any questions you may have about furniture, custom pieces, product comparisons, and more.

In addition to our custom furniture, we also offer a wide variety of standard, ready-to-order pieces that are sure to enhance your interior spaces. From farmhouse style tables to sleek bedroom sets, Kloter Farms truly has something for every taste.

To start improving your quality of life by enhancing your home environment, contact us today. Or, browse our website to find the perfect furniture for your spaces, from custom kitchen tables to executive office desks.

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