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I don’t know about you, but it takes me forever and a day to make a buying decision. Because it’s something I have to live with. And I want to make sure I not only like it, but I also LOVE it. So when it comes down to selecting a wood species for your custom furniture, I can understand that it can slightly overwhelming. So let’s walk through it and I’ll share some tips that will make you happy with your decision.

Most of our furniture comes in four wood species: oak, brown maple, quarter sawn oak, and cherry. Then we have what we call the “character” woods.

Let’s get started.

Oak Wood

INFO: Easily the most abundant and popular of the hardwoods, red oak is hard, has excellent wear resistance, and can be stained to a beautiful finish. Oak will also take more abuse, due to the hardness of the grain.

MY TIP: If you are looking for a great value and still have something withstands daily use and children, oak is the way to go.

Brown Maple Wood

INFO: A durable wood featuring a straight or wavy grain pattern with an even texture. Color variations can occur with this species of wood making it well suited for darker stain colors and painted furniture.

MY TIP: Choose this wood if you were already thinking you wanted to paint your furniture or stain it a dark color. It will keep your cost down.

Quarter Sawn Oak Wood

INFO: White oak is created by quartering the log and cutting boards perpendicular to the growth rings. This produces patterning made up of parallel lines that are straight, tight, and run the length of the board with wavy flecks throughout.

MY TIP: If you want a look that flaunts a time-honored style and is less prone to twisting, warping, and cupping, you will like quarter sawn oak.

 Cherry Wood

INFO: One of the most sought-after wood types in fine furnishings, it can transition between casual and formal settings. The finish brings out a silky rich luster that is only found in cherry.

MY TIP: If you like a smooth-looking grain that looks good anywhere, stick with the masses and choose cherry. Just remember, this would will darker slightly over time while still maintaining its beautiful charm.


Character Woods

INFO: These woods have small splits, closed knots, and other natural “defects” that are attributes rather than flaws – showcasing their true character and allowing you to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Character woods may be available in oak, brown maple, quarter sawn oak, cherry, or other woods depending on your furniture selection.

MY TIP: If you appreciate the beauty of natural hardwoods and don’t mind a few of these elements, this is typically a budget-friendly solution to get whatever wood species you desire. (Just for the record, character woods are my personal favorite!)

While there aren’t as many pieces in our showroom as these for woods, other species are available, including walnut, elm, hard maple, tiger maple, and more.

We are here to help! So if you’re like me and need to process all the information, let one of our sales associates help you make a selection you can say you not only like, but LOVE!

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