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Swing sets are great fun for families of all sizes! Being an outdoor living accessory, swing sets can get dirty and weathered over time. Maintaining routine care on your swing set will keep smiles on your kids faces, and a happy wallet for you, too. 

Pressure Treated vs Vinyl

Kloter Farms offers two different material types for swing sets – Pressure treated (PT) and Vinyl. Pressure Treated swing sets are slightly more maintenance-heavy. Since these swing sets are made from Southern Yellow Pine, the exposed wood of a pressure-treated swing set can make it more susceptible to fading color, mold growth, and staining. While these are normal results of wear for a wooden playset, they do require some additional maintenance to ensure proper safety and functioning. For wood swing sets, it is recommended to apply a sealant as well.

Vinyl swing sets are built differently. That same beautiful, Southern Yellow Pine is encased in a protective vinyl sleeve. While the base will be wood, none of the wood will be exposed for the eyes to see or the hands to feel. Vinyl coated swing sets combine the durability and strength of wood swing sets but remove the amount of upkeep that is required. 

The tower or base of the vinyl swing sets are made of innovative vinyl decking, that is smooth to the touch and slip-resistant. The decking is also non-splintering, so it will be extra safe for children and adults to walk across.

Vinyl Swing Set

Pressure-Treated Swing Set

Keep Your Swing Set Safe

No matter which style, size, or material your swing set is, keeping it safe for your friends and family is a priority. During the spring and summer months, it will be important to check the nooks and crannies of your swing set for beehives. Bee and hornet nests can be found in many areas on a swing set, including small areas that aren’t used frequently. Check inside roof peaks and under the floor to ensure safety. 

Kloter Farms’ vinyl swing sets will have green or blue tarps atop the towers. These tarps are heavy-duty vinyl, and have grommet-reinforced screw holes for extra security in their attachment. This material is mildew-resistant, and should not need much cleaning. You should be aware that it could potentially be a hazard in a strong wind setting. If there are intense winds rolling through your area, remove the tarp to prevent it from becoming dislodged and causing damage to your persons or property. 

Keep All Parts Tightened

Additionally, it is good practice to check the nuts and bolts that keep the swing set together, to confirm every piece is tightly secured. Use a simple socket and wrench as needed to tighten down the hardware as needed. Safety combined with maintenance-free materials is our goal in construction. Luckily, Kloter Farms swing sets are set up for you, free of charge, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your swing set was constructed by the experts. 

How to Clean a Vinyl Swing Set

Vinyl swing sets are significantly less maintenance than wooden swing sets. However, there is still routine maintenance you can perform to keep your swing set in its best condition.  Swing sets can accumulate dirt and debris over time for a variety of reasons. Similar to the vinyl siding on a home, vinyl swing sets can collect road dirt, dust, and mildew. 

As an outdoor product, your swing set is subjected to various different weather elements – rain, snow, wind.  Depending on where you’ve placed your swing set, it can collect dirt and grime from the street, as well as dirt, mud, sand, sap, and other materials right from your yard.

Vinyl swing sets are smooth, so you should easily be able to clean off any small dirty spots with a broom, or even a leaf blower. For heavier wear areas and crusted on dirt, use a very mild all-purpose house cleaner. This will remove anything that is really stuck on to the vinyl. You can also wipe away any excess dirt or soot that is left behind with a wet sponge or towel. 

Vinyl swing sets are designed to be easy to use and easy to clean. If however, you do find yourself with a large spot of dirt or other substance that is stuck on, you can clean the playscape with a power or pressure washer. Mild to warm water should help to break down any substance that is stuck. If you find yourself in a particular bind, call the experts at Kloter Farms and they will walk you through how to get your swing set back to tip-top condition. 

For Maintenance Free Fun, Come to Kloter Farms 

At the end of the day, the style and materials that you choose for a swing set are up to personal preference. Pressure-treated or vinyl, Kloter Farms has a wide variety of swing set styles. The swing set top lot display located in Ellington, Connecticut has many swing set styles for you and your family to test out for yourself. If you have questions about swing sets or how to care for them, call or email us today.  Follow Kloter Farms on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for more swing set ideas and inspiration.

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