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A question that often arises in homes across America where a kitchen remodel is in progress or the thought of a remodel is in mind.  

Where can I get a good Kitchen Island?

As a stand-alone piece of furniture, the kitchen island is one that we often want to use as a focal point of the space.  A kitchen project is something that few of us do very often so when we do one, we want to get it right.

Kitchen Islands can be incorporated into existing kitchens as well.  You don’t have to wait until you’re doing a massive overhaul in your kitchen to add one into your space.

You have many different options when you start the process of looking for an island and there are pros and cons to all of the options.

Box Stores

Usually displaying a ‘Good, Better, & Best’ lineup, stores like Home Depot, Lowes, IKEA, and others out there in your area are wonderful places to browse and get ideas for your new kitchen island.

Often times with great price points and package deals, this avenue is one that may appeal to consumers who are willing to compromise for ‘a good deal’.

The downfall to many of these out-of-the-box options is that you are fairly limited with what you can customize and make your own.  The other and probably larger issue is that many of these pieces are constructed using thin plywood or even worse particle board sides, drawers, and doors.

If this is a piece that you plan to replace every few years, this may be the right choice for you.

Custom Cabinet Shops

We all know those local shops.  The ones where each piece is lovingly built to order, customization is no problem, and you probably know the owner fairly well.

Furniture Construction

Furniture Construction

These are the families that have had the woodworking craftsmanship handed down to them over the course of generations and take tremendous pride in their work.

Unfortunately, many of these shops have closed up over the past number of years due to varying circumstances.  This type of shop typically appeals to the consumer who has a bit of a larger budget and is willing to pay what it takes to get what they want.

Lifestyle Stores

The newer and increasingly popular way to procure a good kitchen island is through what has become known as a lifestyle store.  These stores are typically made up of interior designers who enjoy helping customers pick out a one-of-a-kind piece just for them.

Often times with access to shops that build custom pieces, these stores offer a huge selection of customization options.

One of the things to remember in a store like this is that they may not offer kitchen cabinetry along with their island selections, but don’t let this be a hindrance.

You may need to simply focus on the island as a standalone piece if you choose to go this route.  The designer that you are working with may also be able to give some input on your kitchen design and layout.

Here at Kloter Farms, we understand that you want the flexibility to design your own.  That’s why our designers are trained to help you pick just the right elements for your new kitchen island.

So no matter what your project or your budget is, there is a solution out there to help you get just the right island for your space.

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