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Purchasing high quality, long lasting furniture is always the goal when choosing new furniture for your home. Whether you’re in the market for bedroom furniture, dining room tables or chairs, or kitchen islands, purchasing solid wood furniture will be your best investment. Solid wood furniture is stunningly beautiful, and will hold its strength and character for years to come.

Solid wood furniture stores will have many pieces on display for you to view, but each piece will be made specifically for your order. You’ll never have to worry about your new furniture being damaged in the back of a warehouse somewhere. But why should you invest in solid wood furniture, really? Let’s go over the basics. 

1. Custom, Solid Wood Furniture Made to Order

Solid wood furniture is your best option when purchasing new pieces for any room in your home. What makes solid wood furniture so great is how customizable it is. Let’s say that you have some existing furniture that you love. When you buy custom hardwood furniture, it is easy to work with an associate and match paints and stains. This way, your new furniture and existing furniture will mesh seamlessly. 

Solid wood furniture is also a great choice if you are looking for a unique statement piece for your home. While yes, you can create furniture to match what you have, you can also choose differently and make a new look. No two pieces of furniture will be exactly the same, and you can opt for a stain that will highlight the unique curves and lines of the wood grain. Solid wood made in the usa furniture will have a unique and high-end quality that you can’t find anywhere else. 

2. Easy Maintenance 

Another great feature of solid wood furniture is its maintenance, or lack there of. Furniture of a cheaper quality will need fixes and tweaks over time. Solid wood furniture is built to withstand years of usage. Spills will be easy to clean up, and you can keep your furniture in its new, shiny glory using a quality furniture polish – like our beeswax spray! 

3. Long Lasting – Heirloom Quality 

Still on the fence about solid wood furniture? What if we told you it’d last a lifetime… or more? Custom solid wood furniture is going to be sturdy. At Kloter Farms, our furniture is made of 100% solid hardwood and never any particle board pieces. This means that your new furniture will be of the best and strongest quality. 

Having furniture that is of such a high quality means that you will not have to replace it in 5-10 years like some other furniture. While your personal style preferences may change, the quality of your furniture will stay strong – resilient enough to be passed down to another family member or friend! 

Stylish, Solid Wood Furniture

Before you start searching for solid wood furniture stores near me, take a look at everything we have to offer at Kloter Farms. We pride ourselves on having a high quality, long lasting, solid wood product. Our furniture is all 100% solid wood, heirloom quality, and made in America. 

We have a wide variety of bedroom furniture, dining sets, entertainment pieces, and kitchen islands. We invite you to visit our sixteen-acre display park and browse designs from our three furniture showrooms. Want to know more about the solid wood furniture we offer? Call or visit us today. 

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