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It is important to choose a good support to aid in the lifetime use of your mattress. After all, purchasing a mattress is a big investment that will be with you for a long time. You’ll want to keep your mattress in as good of a condition as you can! Many customers shopping for a new mattress wonder “Do I need a boxspring for my queen mattress?” Purchasing a boxspring with your mattress is one way to keep it in its best shape. Learn about the benefits here!

What are boxsprings?

So what really is a boxspring? A boxspring is actually like it sounds. It is a ‘box’ that sits underneath your mattress. Inside are heavy duty spring coils that provide support to your mattress as you move on it, and while it sits untouched, too. 

Our queen boxspring comes in one convenient piece (larger sizes might have two pieces). That one piece has 100 coils to provide support and protection to your mattress for many years to come. The flexible coils are attached to a steel grid, then fastened onto the wooden frame of the boxspring. A finished Monarch Rest boxspring is then covered in fabric. Here are five reasons why you should have a boxspring:

1. Boxsprings Offer Added Height

Boxsprings provide an added platform to your bed without needing to purchase an expensive frame. Raising your bed higher can create easier access in and out. A higher bed is more visually appealing for many, and having that extra height prevents small insects from making their way up to you.  

Our boxsprings are available in different heights, as we do realize some people may be looking for the support without too much additional lift on their mattress. Our boxsprings come in the standard eight inch height, as well as a low profile five inch height.

2. Boxsprings Provide Extra Support

You will sleep in your bed for many years to come. On average, 10 years or more! All of these nights can add wear to your mattress overtime. A quality box spring can provide support to keep your mattress from premature sagging. Additionally, the even surface of a boxspring will provide you with a better sleep quality, as you’ll be consistently sleeping on an even surface.

3. They Aid in Ventilation 

Proper air circulation helps keep your mattress fresh. Adding a boxspring below your mattress will add extra breathability. The more breathable your mattress is, the less likely there will be a build-up of dust mites. Additionally, pet dander and other allergens tend to get trapped in your mattress over time. Extra exposure to air from use of a boxspring will help those allergens to circulate through, giving you a better night’s sleep.

4. They Maintain Your Warranty and Longevity

A boxspring is necessary if you’d like to keep your warranty on the mattress valid. The 20 year warranty at Kloter Farms will repair/replace your mattress if over time a ½ inch sag becomes present. 20 years is a long time, so it’ll be a worthwhile investment to purchase a boxspring knowing that it’ll keep your mattress in the best condition for the longest amount of time. Plus, the boxspring is keeping your mattress safe from wear and tear that may occur after all those years. The comfort and freshness of your bed depend on how well you treat it.  A boxspring will allow you to have the best conditions for your mattress as possible. 

5. Boxsprings Absorbs Shock

One great feature of a boxspring is how great they are at absorbing shock. Leaving your mattress on a wooden platform, or laying it directly on the floor might be a cost effective choice, but will leave you and your wallet hurting in the long run. A boxspring will absorb shock if you, a child, or a pet jumps on the bed. A boxspring will also absorb additional smaller shock from tossing and turning in the night. Your mattress will wear down much quicker if you are to forgo a boxspring.

Adjustable Bases

If you are really against the idea of getting a boxspring, a supportive alternative would be to purchase an adjustable base. The adjustable base at Kloter Farms is compatible with our Integrity, Conforma, and Ultra Gel Mattress Series. Adjustable bases have many additional benefits, such as reducing body swelling, adding comfort for working or relaxing in bed, decreased snoring, and helping to evenly distribute your body pressure.  The only potential negative to an adjustable base, is that it will typically be more expensive to acquire than a boxspring.

Your Journey to Better Sleep

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new mattress, boxspring, or adjustable base, the experts at Kloter Farms are here to help. Our mattress showroom is open six days a week. Stop by to visit us and ask us any questions you may have. We’re here to get you the best night’s sleep. Call, email, or visit us today to start your journey to better sleep.

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