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Designing your kitchen is such an exciting experience. Picking out your dream layout and special functionality features is a homeowner’s delight. After finding some great ideas you really want to implement, how do you choose your wood? What are the best wood kitchen cabinets? Determining the best wood for kitchen cabinets does not have a singular answer! The best wood for your kitchen is dependent on your style and functionality needs.

What Type of Wood is Best for Kitchen Cabinets

There are several different types of wood available and suitable for kitchen cabinetry. The best wood for kitchen cabinets is going to be: oak, ¼ sawn oak, brown maple, cherry, character cherry, or hickory. All of these varieties are available through Kloter Farms Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Design.

Let’s take a closer look at each variety of wood to determine what the best choice for your project is.

Oak Wood for Cabinets

Oak is one of the best woods for kitchen cabinets. Oak is a durable variety of wood and holds paints and stains well. ¼ sawn oak is another option that is similar in durability but has a beautiful cut showing off the wood detailing. ¼ sawn oak is also one of the most expensive varieties of wood currently.

If you’re going for a modern farmhouse feel for your kitchen, choose an oak wood or ¼ sawn oak wood for your cabinets to give it a rustic feel.

Brown Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Brown Maple is a beautiful solid choice for kitchen cabinetry. Brown maple has a wood grain that shows well through paint and stain. It is also a very durable wood with a smooth and non-porous grain that makes it easier to stain than other wood varieties.

Depending on what color cabinetry you’d like, brown maple may be the best wood for your kitchen cabinets. Brown maple leaves a modern and classic look.

Cherry and Character Cherry Cabinetry

Cherry is a unique wood that can make for beautiful cabinets. Cherry wood will eventually grow darker over time with sun exposure. This is a known occurrence and no problem as a sealer for cherry will have a UV resistance to it to aid in the exposure to sunlight through windows.

Cherry and character cherry are easy woods to work with but can be expensive. Cherry wood has a reddish brown color to it, with beautiful texture, and is a closed grain wood. Character cherry can have a lot of pins, curls and knots. This will make an incredible accent to your kitchen cabinets giving them a unique look and individual quality. For a rich, luxurious look, choose cherry for your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets Made from Hickory

Hickory is the most durable of the above named wood varieties. A kitchen with cabinets made of hickory will have a beautifully wide color range. Stronger and tougher than oak or maple, hickory wood looks more country classic style. Keep this in mind as you imagine your dream kitchen’s aesthetic.

The Best Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll have different needs for your kitchen cabinet wood. If you have a lot of heavy kitchen appliances, a priority in selecting your wood type should be the durability and longevity of the wood. Strength and stability will be the most important if you have air fryers, blenders, and other appliances that will need a safe place to live.

Alternatively, if your kitchen cabinet main goal is for an open, decorative display, then your focus can be more on the wood grain design and paint/stain options. Kloter Farms is able to design your kitchen cabinetry for you and offer a wide selection of woods, finishes, and counter tops. Plus, we can help you navigate each choice with ease no matter if you have 100 ideas or do not even know where to start.

View our online kitchen cabinet photo showcase, visit our kitchen cabinet showroom in Ellington, CT or give us a call to get started on your kitchen cabinet remodel today. 

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