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How To Decorate Your Kitchen Island This Fall (6 Seasonal Ideas)

Fall is a delightful season that brings warm colors, cozy vibes, and a bounty of nature’s harvest into our homes. With the leaves changing colors and the crisp air, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your kitchen island and infuse it with the spirit of autumn. If you’re wondering how to decorate a kitchen […]

Create a Coffee Bar in 4 Simple Steps

I love coffee (hot, iced, whatever)!  I also love decorating with coffee.  It’s so much fun and very practical, so today we’re going to give you some suggestions and ideas to: Create a Coffee Bar in 4 Simple Steps Step 1- Choose your Space This is where your coffee bar will find it’s home.  You will […]

Tips for a Refreshing Spring Mantle Transformation

Are you tired of your winter mantle and ready for a transformation? I sure am! I’m looking for a refreshing spring mantle transformation that reflects new life and warm weather! Spring Mantle Ideas by Kloter Farms So, when I begin thinking about a mantle, I think about my ‘jumping off point’.  Everybody needs a jumping-off […]

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