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Blue kitchen cabinets can be a great way to add style and sophistication to your kitchen. Gone are the days where we are shying away from color. Navy blue kitchen cabinets can add depth and dimension to your space. Whether you have a small kitchen area or a large one, navy blue kitchen cabinets are a great choice to go outside the realm of neutral tones. 

There are several different ways to incorporate the rich color of navy cabinets into your home!

Wall to Wall Modern Blue Kitchen Cabinets

The first idea is the simplest – make all of your kitchen cabinets blue. Don’t imagine dark and gloomy. Instead, picture modern navy blue kitchen cabinets. This navy color for cabinets will nicely compliment a variety of different countertop styles. Choose a speckled countertop that will be highlighted with the navy blue cabinets, or opt for a solid grey, white, or marbled top to really make the top stand out! 

Dark colors can often be seen as shrinking – as if the dark color will make your space seem smaller. With the right accents, this is not true! Keep in mind, you aren’t painting your kitchen a dark navy blue wall to wall; these are cabinets that will accent your existing space. 

Keep on trend by using gold or chrome accents for your kitchen cabinet hardware. These will add a flash and sparkle to your kitchen, and the navy color will make these accents stand out.

Floor to Ceiling Cabinet Accent Wall

Similar to how you can paint an accent wall in any room, use your cabinets to create an accent wall in your kitchen. Opt to not make all of your cabinets blue, and choose only one wall. This will give the room vibrancy and create curiosity. Accent these modern navy blue kitchen cabinets on one wall with a lighter grey or even white cabinets for the rest of your space. This artistic design will complement the rest of your home and make the flooring and surrounding light pop. 

Color Blocking Strategy

Similar to the above idea, accent your kitchen by using the navy blue color just as your focal point – a rich navy blue kitchen island. This will give your guests a space that draws the eye to. This also opens up the opportunity to get creative with your tile backsplash and flooring to pick pieces that will complement the other tones within your space. 

Gold, chrome, and silver hardware against the navy blue will really make those pieces pop. This is a very modern, and sometimes industrial look. Tone down the modernization, and bring in a bit of coastal, natural essence with natural wood grain handles. These will still add a pop to the space, but in a softer way. Mix in other colors, like a pale yellow, lilac, or sage green to incorporate other complimentary colors with the deep navy blue.

Tradition Shaker Style Upgrade

If you home is more traditional style, you can still upgrade with navy blue. Add blue kitchen cabinets or paint over your existing shaker style to accentuate these pieces into a higher end, yet traditional feel. This style works particularly well in an open concept kitchen, where the old and new styles blend together to create a contemporary modern look. 

Natural finishes on other pieces of your shaker kitchen, including live edge or wood grain stools, will warm up the space and create a lived in feel. Light and airy, this will be a touch of coastal cottage but not overboard.

Kitchen Cabinets, Your Style

Modern navy blue kitchen cabinets are a trend that we are absolutely loving lately. Heading into the New Year, we can’t imagine a better and easier way to transform a kitchen than by adding blue kitchen cabinets. While this may be your style, it’s okay if you are looking for something different too. Kloter Farms Kitchen Cabinetry Showroom is open six days a week, and requires no appointment. View our styles of American made kitchen cabinetry to discover your favorite look and feel. We can’t wait to get started on making the kitchen of your dreams! Contact us and let’s get creating.

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