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When it comes to style, my motto always is, “When in doubt, go classic.” I use it when deciding what to wear for clothes, planning a party, decorating or in graphic design. The biggest myth about classic style is that it is boring. That is far from the truth! Would anyone call Jackie Kennedy, Kate Middleton or Emma Watson boring? Not even close.

The same concept applies with furniture. Timeless designs have beauty and warmth, and our Craftsman Collection proves that. Sometimes you’ll hear the Craftsman style referred to as Mission or Arts & Crafts. Regardless, this distinctive collection features warm wood finishes, simplistic lines and bench built tradition that fits nicely in any room of the home.

Mission Trestle Table with Midland Chairs

Farmington Bedroom
Farmington Bedroom Collection

Conway Entertainment Center

Mission Slat Upholstery
Mission Slat Furniture

Very often Craftsman style is featured with quarter-sawn oak wood in a warm stain choice. However, since Craftsman is merely a style, you can get it in any wood or stain choice that fits your home.

What is quarter sawn oak?

Quarter sawn oak is a white oak created by quartering the log and cutting boards perpendicular to the growth rings. This produces patterning made up of parallel lines that are straight, tight, and run the length of the board with wavy flecks throughout. Structurally, quarter sawn oak is less prone to twisting warping, and cupping.

Quarter Sawn Oak

Our Craftsman Collection is featured at Kloter Farms West. Stop in. See it. Feel it. Feel the quality and beauty of this structurally timeless design. Feel the luxurious leathers. And fall in love with this collection.

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